Frontlines: The Latest from OutServe-SLDN

Let’s Celebrate… Then Let’s Make History Again

By Allyson D. Robinson

This week our LGBT community helped make history, as voters across the nation rejected homophobia practically en masse to protect our civil rights and affirm out humanity. We've listed our wins so often since Tuesday that they now roll like a litany off our tongues: President Obama, reelected; marriage equality's disheartening record of defeat at the ballot box, reversed; America's first openly gay Senator on her way to Washington and a cadre of lesbian, gay and bisexual representatives stepping up to take her place in the House. (By the way: well done, LGBT community.)

Some commentators declared that I'd made history myself just two weeks ago when I was named the first Executive Director of the new OutServe-SLDN, the nation's advocacy organization for LGBT service members, veterans and their families. When asked how it felt, becoming the first transgender person to lead a national LGBT civil rights organization, all I could say was that it was unbelievably humbling, a little overwhelming, and that I was glad to be joining a team that has become accustomed to making history. 

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