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Letters from Family Members Show Face of DADT: Share Your Story Too

Each morning this week, SLDN has been posting letters from family members and spouses of former service members impacted by “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” on our Frontlines Blog (click here and here).

As the Pentagon sends 150,000 surveys to the heterosexual spouses of service members this week, we will continue to tell the stories of families that have felt the injustice of this terrible law. The Pentagon needs to hear the stories of ALL military families now.

Check out the following blogs that have been helping us spread the word about the impact of DADT on military families. Read, comment and share their stories today:

Bent Alaska
HRC Backstory
Instinct Magazine
San Diego Gay and Lesbian News

How has DADT impacted a former service member you know? Whether you are a spouse, family member or friend of a veteran who has felt the effects of DADT, now is the time to make your voice heard. Send your story to SLDN today!

By Paul DeMiglio, Senior Communications Manager |


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JUNIOR USN in nas jax on August 25, 2010 at 11.33 pm

I’ve sat back for a couple months and listened to several people voice their opinions on DADT. I’m a lesbian service member and I find it extremely difficult to show up for work every morning, and perform my duties as best I can knowing I live secret life. Why does my life have to be a secret? I’m not saying this to sound cocky, but I’m the best at what I do in my command and I’m properly rewarded for it. I love serving this great nation, but I feel that homosexuality at least deserves a chance. I mean does who a person sleep’s with bother you that much. Another thing, as a lesbian I just thought i’d let you know the only people that has problems with homosexuality and doesn’t want to be near it are those that aren’t secure with the sexuality their living in, because it wouldn’t matter to you on way or the other if this wasn’t so. I’ve been homosexual all my life, and I’ve been in the closet for three yrs., and I dread losing my career due to my sexuality. You guys talk about us as if were unhuman… I CAN’T HELP WHO I LOVE…