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One Mom’s Take on ‘60 Minutes’ blogger Bil Browning has a post up on his site about reaction from his partner's mom to Sunday's 60 Minutes story on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." As Bil points out, the story made an impression on Sherry, his partner Jerame's mom. Here's an excerpt from his excellent post: This morning Sherry called to ask me if I'd seen "60 Minutes, 20/20, whatever in the hell that show was that had gay soldiers on it." She meant the 60 Minutes piece on openly gay soldier Darren Manzella that Steve had blogged about. While I hadn't watched the show, his post had tipped me off that it was coming up. "I knew you'd know about it. You know everything gay. You got that website." I think that was a compliment. She was seriously livid after watching 60 Minutes. She went on a 20 minute diatribe about the injustices of Don't Ask Don't Tell and how it all fed into stuff like the marriage amendment and the daily issues that the LGBT family face. "You get on that there blog and you tell 'em Jerame's mom says 'That ain't right,'" she said. "Don't nobody care anymore. They's lettin' 'em stay in there now even when they tell. The troops ain't got no problem with it. You are who you are." What's even better is that there was some other woman there (I have no idea who she was) that was also chiming in and getting all worked up too. Between the two of them it was hard to hear! But even though I know all the reasons why DADT is bad policy and how Indiana's proposed amendment will hurt some families, I listened and I "listened good." I heard more than Jerame's mom. You can too if you listen hard enough. That's the sound of change, my friends. You can read Bil's full post here. - Steve Ralls

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