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OutServe & SLDN Issue Uniform Guidance for Upcoming Conference

We are looking forward to the upcoming OutServe-SLDN International Leadership Conference taking place in Orlando, FL, October 25-28. A number of attendees have asked for dress and uniform guidance for the conference, and we are happy to provide the following. 

For the conference itself, including associated meals and side events, attendees should dress in casual to business-casual attire. Service members should wear civilian attire. For the gala dinner on Saturday night, attendees should be in business attire. Service members may wear the equivalent uniform if they choose. For each service, the equivalent uniform is:

  • United States Army - The Army Service Uniform (ASU), or equivalent Class A (“greens”) if you do not have the ASU.
  • United States Navy - Service Dress Blues
  • United States Air Force - Service Dress Uniform
  • United States Marine Corps - Blue Dress “B”
  • United States Coast Guard - Service Dress Blue

All uniforms should be worn with appropriate ribbons and badges, if permitted. We look forward to seeing you in Orlando later this month! If you haven't yet registered, there's still time. Just visit to reserve your space.

By David McKean, SLDN Legal Director |