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Families Matter in Our Military. All Families.

By Jonathan Hopkins

West Point, the country’s oldest continuously-operated military post and home to the eldest of all American military academies, held two weddings last week.

Every aspect of these weddings spoke to tradition. Each was held in a cadet chapel. Finely dressed brides graced the aisles while attendees stood in rapt attention. Both culminated in the traditional saber arch, which is the only fitting way to welcome a new spouse into the Army.

Yet one thing was different from the countless weddings I watched after my graduation there 11 years ago. For the first time since the Academy’s founding in 1802,those being wed were of the same sex, and their weddings were legal. For the alumni present, we saw our intensely traditional, Rockbound Highland Home respond a way some might expect. They celebrated it, for that’s the natural response when two people honor their conviction to each other with matrimony.

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