Sign Lt. Colonel Victor Fehrenbach's petition

Tell Air Force Secretary Donley to let Lt. Col. Fehrenbach continue to serve his country.

Dear Mr. Secretary:

Lt. Colonel Victor Fehrenbach has served honorably for 18 years in the Air Force as an F-15E Aviator. He has received eight air medals, one for Heroism, and was hand-picked to protect the Washington, D.C. airspace after 9/11. He flew combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, targeting the Taliban and Al Qaeda. Lt. Col. Fehrenbach has only been an asset to the United States Air Force, not a detriment to unit cohesion, morale, or good order.

I ask that you allow this brave patriot to continue serving his country as a highly skilled aviator. We taxpayers have spent over 25 million dollars to train this hero. Our country cannot afford to lose Lt. Col. Fehrenbach, especially when we are waging two wars. I respectfully request that you review his case immediately and let him keep serving.


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