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Share your story!

Personal stories about LGBT service members, veterans and their families have a big impact both in Washington and across the country. Please share your story below -- whether you have served, know somebody who has served, or know someone who has in some way experienced discrimination in the military.

As always, you may rest assured that we will not share your story with anyone outside of SLDN without contacting you first.

If you are currently in the military, and if you have access to a non-government computer or smart phone, we recommend that you use that device to submit this form. If you are using a government computer or Internet connection, the information you share with us may be monitored.  In order to make sure that any email messages we send to you remain secure, we recommend that you open a new, free email account, with a company that uses encryption technology (such as Gmail), and include that address in the contact information on this form. You should only access that email account using a non-government computer.

Regardless of who you are, if you reference a service member by name, or with identifiable information, we will not release that information without that person’s permission.

If you are a veteran, there are no risks to telling your story.  If you are a retiree or currently serving, there are limits on engaging in political advocacy.”  You can learn about those risks using this link or by contacting